Quality & Safety


The spirit of serving society through providing quality products and services is upheld by each employee of the Mitsubishi Electric Group. Our basic Quality Assurance ethos can be summarized by four principles:

  • Product quality is our top priority. It comes before price and on-time delivery.
  • Our commitment to the highest quality under any circumstances is unwavering.
  • Products must be safe to use, have a long usage life, and have consistent performance.
  • Every manager and employee involved in manufacturing a product shares equal responsibility for product quality.

Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd. continually trains and develops its Quality Assurance Engineers in Japan and other international subsidiaries to ensure our installation, maintenance and commissioning services are of the highest quality.


Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd are wholly committed to the safety and wellbeing of our employees, clients and end users.

We invest much time and effort to ensure that Safety is at the forefront of our work at any place and at any time. Our Safety training is influenced by international safety practices and compliance to local regulations. Product related issues and safety are treated with the utmost priority.

Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd are proud to work closely with the Saudi Arabian Civil Defence across KSA for Safety training and public safety awareness.


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