Diverse Workforce

Mitsubishi Electric employs over 145,000 personnel across six continents. We are proud of our diverse workforce and appreciate the individuality each employee contributes to our overall human capital.


We are constantly seeking talented and ambitious individuals to join our team. Our selection process is based on having mutual values, the required skills or qualifications, relevant experience and the potential to learn and grow with the company.

Work Environment

Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd is committed to providing a work environment that is respectful, productive and engaging. We pride ourselves on developing our staff through structured training and more informal mentoring to ensure our employees have the ability and confidence to contribute to our successes.

Vision 2030

Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd does not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, nationality, disability or any other immutable characteristic. Additionally, we are dedicated to KSA’s Vision 2030 and the guidelines of the Ministry of Human Resources & Social Development which includes supplying local job opportunities, training and development for citizens across the Kingdom.